Tech Art 2017

A summary of the scripts I’ve written between 2011 – 2017.

Companies:  Daybreak Game Company, Sony Online Entertainment
Programs:  MotionBuilder, Morpheme
Language:  Python
File Formats:  FBX, XMD

Tool Hub:

A MotionBuilder project-centric tool hub, installed as a menu item via .bat file from a self-contained folder.  Portable, and built to be used in-house, or with outsourcing.


•  Project Switcher:  Switch between different projects and client specs.     Projects are data driven by ‘schema’ files which dictate export paths, rigs, skins, etc.

•  File I/O:  Load from first person, third person, or previously accessed directories.

•  Mesh Merge:  Import meshes onto current animation for composition.

•  Shift Keys to Zero:  Shift all animation keys to frame 0.

•  Delete Orphaned Constraints:  Finds and deletes constraints that have don’t have a source and target.

•  Select Duplicate Constraints:  Deletes constraints that contain duplicate source and targets.

•  Create Null, Alight to Selected:  Creates a null, and aligns it to selected object.

•  Camera 3P follow toggle:  Creates a camera constrained to the motion root for evaluating cycles that translate.

•  Select All Keyed Nodes:  Selects all FK and IK nodes that have keyframes.

•  Export FBX:  Export current file, selected takes or all takes to a predefined destination (as defined by the schema).

MotionFile Importer:

The bridge between Morpheme and Motionbuilder.


•  Option to parse the Morpheme networks folder for slotted files only.

•  Filter and list all selected takes by keyword (EG, list only slotted ‘OneHand’ files).  Refine the list by including or excluding phrases.

•  Imports selected takes onto the existing character, or create a new scene on import.

Take Utilities:

The heart of our workflow in MotionBuilder.  An easier way to work with takes, and export to the game.


•  Delete Takes:  Deletes selected takes.

•  Search and Replace:  Searches and replaces keywords within selected takes.

•  Autoback:  A full backup utility based upon interval time and selections.

•  Copy J Vals to Takes:  Copies the current takes selected joints curve values and applies them to all other selected takes for the same joints.

•  Constrain trajectory:  Centers the trajectory over the COG for Morpheme exports.

•  Copy Pose to Takes:  Copies a currently selected pose to selected takes.

•  Plot to Rig:  Plots selected takes to the rig.

•  Plot to Skeleton:  Plots selected takes to the skeleton.

•  Export Selected:  Exports FBX files to a predefined destination (as defined by the schema).

Weapons System:

A tool for loading and exporting weapons and attachments.


•  Parses source directories and adds new weapons to the list (fbx files).

•  Clicking on the weapon imports and constrains it to designated weapon joint.

•  Wrist effector pivot control (three options):

•  Create a locator at the weapon muzzle and constrain the wrist effectors.

•  Create a locator at the shoulder and constrain the wrist effectors.

•  Create your own pivot control and constrain the wrist effectors.


•  Socketing Tool:  Snaps and aligns a locator to the right wrist effector, then publishes the location to a ‘sockets’ file, which is then fed into Morpheme for Two Bone IK control.

•  Export Weapons Takes:   Removes the weapon constraint, centers the weapon at the origin, and exports to a pre-defined path (via the schema).