Shawn E DePriest



– Highly skilled and dedicated people-oriented professional.

– Years of experience in the video game and independent film industries.

– Dynamic, proactive problem solver with a passion for efficient network and tool design.

– Proven cost effectiveness through tools creation and system automation.

– Proficient in Morpheme, Maya, MotionBuilder, and Premiere.

– Experienced in Python and MEL scripting.

– Familiar with 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Premiere, Photoshop, and After-Effects.


2017 – Present:
Amazon Game Studios
Senior Technical Artist

Unannounced Titles

– Created portable Maya tools pipeline and distribution system in Python.

– Responsible for character setups and weighting.

– Created tool to retarget mocap to rig (both HIK and custom).

– Created tools to export animation to game, and import from game to rig.

– Created character setup tool to ensure error-free rig creation (coplanar joints, 0 rotation values, etc.).

– Created automated bipedal rig with FK/IK switching and matching.


2015 – present:
Daybreak Game Company – San Diego, CA.
Senior Technical Artist.

“H1Z1” – Zombie survival massive multiplayer online game.

– Design and maintenance of Morpheme physics and animation networks.

– Design and maintenance of MotionBuilder tools and pipeline.


2010 – 2015:
Sony Online Entertainment – San Diego, CA.
Senior Technical Artist.

“Planetside2” – MMO combat on a global scale.

– Designed and maintained MotionBuilder tools and pipeline.

– Designed and maintained Morpheme animation networks.


2009 – 2010:
THQ Carlsbad – Carlsbad, CA.
Senior Technical Artist.

“WWE All Stars” – wrestling game for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

– Standardized Python, MEL, and MAXscript code libraries.

– Created a portable, self-contained tools pipeline for Maya,
MotionBuilder, and 3D Studio Max.

– Became outsourcing liaison for the Tech Art Department and
tools pipeline.

– Wrote MotionBuilder custom UI and supporting tools in Python.

– Created FBX to Unreal PSA exporter.

– Wrote cinematic camera tools for exporting to Unreal.


June 2009 – December 2009:
Midway Games – San Diego, CA.
Senior Technical Artist.

“TNA2 Impact!” – wrestling game for the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360.

– Wrote layered facial animation system for use with both motion-capture and hand-key animation.

– Provided realistic character animations using MotionBuilder.


2007 – 2009:
BottleRocket Entertainment – Carlsbad, CA.
Senior Technical Artist.

“Splatterhouse” – horror game for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

– Established coding standards and guidelines for the Technical Art Department.

– Wrote and installed Maya tools pipeline, complete with Perforce integration.

– Designed and implemented a portable tools system for outsourcing needs.

– Wrote rigging tool to standardize character setups and enable rapid prototyping.

– Created a multi-character animation system with exporting to Gamebryo and Havok.

– Implemented retargeting scripts to transfer animation between

– Provided stylized hand-key character animations using Maya.


2006 – 2007:
THQ/Concrete Games – Carlsbad, CA.
Senior Technical Artist.

“Revolution” – unreleased title for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

– Collaborated with the programming team to define Tech Art coding standards.

– Implemented pre-export scripts to enforce naming conventions, check mesh integrity, node types, etc.

– Wrote a script for saving and retrieving character skin weights via blind data with external text files.


2005 – 2006:
International Game Technology – Reno, NV.
Artist III.

“Soul Train” – interactive slot machine.

– Wrote auto-rigging scripts for rapid character setup and game prototyping.

– Created a dual-skeleton control system that enabled animators to hand-key over motion capture data in Maya.

– Used re-targeting to share animation between characters.

– Designed and implemented a referencing system to allow animators and modelers to work simultaneously.

– Delivered realistic character animations using motion capture in Maya.


2000 – 2005:
SCEA/Redzone Interactive – San Diego, CA.
Senior Technical Artist.

“GameDay” and “GameBreaker” – console games for the PS1 and PS2.

– Installed and maintained network and local Maya setups.

– Designed character referencing and control system for use with motion capture.

– Created facial and hand animation systems and exporters.

– Wrote a batch processor to convert entire PS2 animation bank to PSP format.

– Adjusted motion-capture performances in Maya, delivering hyper-realistic stylized animations.


1994 – present:
The Robotic Dream Studio – Vista, CA.
Independent multimedia studio.

– Directed “TOASTERHEAD!” – a feature-length independent movie (

– Launched “,” a website for teaching children the alphabet.

– Launched “,” an online stock footage company (currently under construction, but soon to be back).